Surf School



Mundaka Surf Shop, through the adjoining surf school, offers classes to those who would like to begin surfing, as well as to those who would like to improve their technique in this passionate sport. The school is open from March to October. The conditions for surfing in these months are more safe and friendly, despite the ‘big wave’ fame that Mundaka is proud of. The school is located adjacent to the surf shop and close to the access to the beach. Classes are given in Laida which is one of the best beaches situated in the Urdaibai biosphere reserve and a very safe and ideal place to practice this sport at whatever age.


Our teachers are qualified instructors from the Basque School of Sport and the Basque Surf Federation (EHSF). They are professionals with more than 30 years of experience and very passionate about this sport. They transmit all their knowledge, teaching the very basics such as getting to your feet, catching the wave, etc. They provide safety and security combined with an unforgettable experience.


All surf classes depart from the surf school (Txorrokopunta) and walk to the close by beach of Laidatxu. There, the instructors begin a warm up and some basic steps to standing up on the surfboard provided. After, everyone paddles on their board across the estuary (approx. 75 mts) to reach the Laida Beach. Instructors will give safety regulations (such as entering and leaving the water, currents and wind/wave conditions).


Due to the exceptional tidal effects at the river of Mundaka, classes are held as close to low tide as is possible. The hour of the class will vary not only daily (approx. 60 minutes) bat alsoweekly so please consult available time slots.


Our offer extends from a 1 day “try experience” to our must recommended 5 days cours from Monday to Friday each week. Each class lasts aproximately 2 hours including preparation, crossing the river to Laida, extensive practice in the waves and finally returning to the surf school. Be prepared! 

For individual classes, please consult.  


Once arriving at the surf school and having made your registration, the instructor will allocate a board and wetsuit to you. Also, depending on your age/group a colored lycra for identification will be provided. Bring only swimwear and adequate footwear.


All wetsuits are cleaned and desinfected on a daily basis. Please, help by returning the material as was provided to you.

ADVANCED SURFING CLASSES (Including video correction)

Mundaka Surf School in collaboration with their experienced teacher, Mike Dobos, offers to those intermediate surfers the possibility to improve their technique using video correction. This method will eliminate errors and help the surfer improve his technique.

Groups of 6 maximum.


  • Age of 10 years or older.
  • Own a surfboard (Material can alsobe rented trought the Surf Shop).
  • Regular surfer.
  • Be qable to enter and leave the waves unassisted.

Please contact us to errange an assessment and quote.


To make your reservation:

Send us an  e-mail or whatsapp to make your reservation.

Stand-up paddle

In the school, we have also incorporated the new sport of Stand Up Paddle. Classes are given on the basics of getting to your feet and paddling in the area of Laidatxu (at high tide). This is a safe area, ideal for learning this sport. The access is close to the school, which is very helpful when moving around with big boards. Classes are approximately 1 hour long and the cost with all material included (board, paddle and wetsuit) is 25€. Groups of 6 to 8 people can be arranged.